A tool for quantifying Societal Success.

Much has been said, and argued against only using GDP as a measure of the development, or successfulness of societies. This article explores the idea of a tool that could, more accurately, indicate the state of our common-well-being.

But there might be a couple concepts we might want to step on before, to architect the proposal over the understandings that nature has already offered us at its “most basic” quantum levels, trying to also follow the path of Complexity and Emergence.

Super Conductivity

Superconductivity is a set of physical properties observed in certain materials where electrical resistance vanishes. Unlike an ordinary metallic conductor, whose resistance decreases gradually as its temperature is lowered even down to near absolute zero, a superconductor has a characteristic critical temperature below which the resistance drops abruptly to zero. An electric current through a loop of superconducting wire can persist indefinitely with no power source.

A magnet levitating above a high-temperature superconductor, cooled with liquid nitrogen. Persistent electric current flows on the surface of the superconductor, acting to exclude the magnetic field of the magnet (Faraday’s law of induction). This current effectively forms an electromagnet that repels the magnet.

Bose-Einstein Condensate

A Bose-Einstein condensate is a state of matter composed of very large number of particles, bosons, that have the same energy level, that of the lowest energy.

Just like superconductors, these gas condensates have spectacular properties such as the coherence of a unique wave, or superfluidity.

Creating Bose-Einstein condensates is tricky business because, by definition, they have to occur spontaneously. Setting up the right conditions to generate the condensates means not trying to introduce any kind of order or coherence to encourage the particles to behave the same way; the particles have to do that themselves.

Maslow's Resistivity Index

So… to correctly understand this proposal, the reader will need to be familiar with the conceptions around Dignity and its relation with Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs that I deployed in a previous piece titled “Dignity… the Cult we are missing ?”.

Assuming that the previous is true, the concept of creating a new Social Resistivity index pursues the goal of quantifying the collective-well-being, or quality of life, through the perceived resistance that societal structures offer to the optimal conduction of human energy through the layers of Maslow’s Pyramid:

Dignity is the optimal flow of human energy, intention and will, through the medium of society according to the need of the individuals.

It can be though of as a 0-latency process of ideal interphasing between Individuals and their Social Operating Environment in which no energy or integrity is lost due to incoherence.

A network of which its default mode is that of lossless-optimal-meta-collaboration.

In the practical sense, a Society that optimizes the mechanisms for the individuals to provide and extract optimally from their environment, is by definition, limited only by the collective capacity of such individuals, and not by implicit resistances in the specific architecture of institutions.

At this point, Jordan Hall’s concept of Blue Church is very useful and, could be represented by structures in which energy only flows vertically from top to bottom… uni-directionally. In this mode, the highest possible umbral for energy transmission, or data & stimuli processing is a small fraction of the Metcalf’s value of the network.


It could be derived that a Maslow Resistivity Index could be factored into the Metcalf’s valuation in the case of human networks, in the same way in which the resistance of the copper lines has to be factored in the reach of a signal in a telephonic network, or data losses and noise factored into electromagnetic communication networks.

I feel like this piece will continue developing, but for now… readers might want to listen from Jordan himself what is the concept behind Blue Church.

Muchas gracias a todos.

Jordan Hall: Understanding the Blue Church — Deep Code

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