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Uneducated immigrant. Self taught Web & Media Producer. Space Entrepreneur Wannabe. Science, Nature, Tech, Arts & Martial Arts enthusiast.


  • José Alberto González Cáceres

    José Alberto González Cáceres

    Competitiveness in my life is simply to be better every day, no better than anyone or someone else, but better than I am right now!

  • Robert Hacker

    Robert Hacker

    Director StartUP FIU-commercializing research. Entrepreneurship Professor FIU, Ex IAP Instructor MIT. Ex CFO One Laptop per Child. Built billion dollar company

  • Thomas W Choate

    Thomas W Choate

    Community —from sage to spreadsheets, rites of passage to insulation envelopes. Assist manufactured housing co-op assoc’s w/ & ROC USA — PVD, RI & MA

  • James Lee Thenerd

    James Lee Thenerd

    Making art about Spiral Dynamics and the Enneagram (, sometimes using AI.

  • Let's get inspired! 🔎💡

    Let's get inspired! 🔎💡

    Universal Basic Human #UniversalBasicHuman | I'm also thinking, talking, sense-making at @learning20201 and @a18181z

  • caitlinconnors


    Founder, Bright Harbour. Research, Design & Social Innovation. Understand people, make things better.

  • Shelly Galvin

    Shelly Galvin

  • Sandy Hoover

    Sandy Hoover

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