Faster Than Light Interactions ?

Ernesto Eduardo Dobarganes
2 min readSep 29, 2020


Hacking Einstein’s speed limit.

Relativity is very clear:

Nothing with mass can reach the speed of light because it would require infinite energy to do so…

…but it is in the very concept of Relativity in itself where an actual “shortcut” might be found.

I recently had the chance of asking Nana Geraldine Cabo Bizet a String Theorist friend that I haven’t meet in 15 years and her colleague about a concept I have been thinking about since the Gravitational Waves were measured in the LIGO experiment, and they both agreed that there would be a non-trivial effect of the interaction I am exploring and that is worth of more investigation…

So it is in the interest of this piece to present this concept for those with enough relativistic knowledge to make the proper calculations.

Presenting the problem to string physicists…

The Question:

Can 1 accelerated particle collide with another particle at a speed equal or superior to that of Light if the space that separates them is compressed by a gravitational wave right in the last fraction of time before the interaction ?

Can 2 relativistic particles interact at a speed of C, or more, if the space between them is compressed by a Gravitational Wave ?

The Principle:

Considering that the Speed of Interaction is not defined simply by the Intrinsic Speed of Particle A, but also by any changes in the space-time continuum separating them… a compression will indeed effectively change their collision speed.

The Problem:

To determine how much could a Gravitational Wave affect the interaction of 2 said systems and if a special kind of more energetic interaction could result from such event.

The Experiment:

To create a particle accelerator that could collide 2 particles in the precise instant and position determined by LIGO experiments radially positioned around it and that could inform about the direction of travel of the gravitational wave and could trigger the collider in the right configuration to take advantage of the Space-Time compression.

A conceptual Diagram of a Gravitationally Accelerated Collider system ?

This is just an image trying to communicate the concept behind using LIGOs to Collide particles in coherence with Gravitational Waves …

Muchas gracias !



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