Can Abortion cause male homosexuality ?

Ernesto Eduardo Dobarganes
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…why Scientific Truth prevails Political Correctness.

Ideally, you are not scandalized and as an honest adult, we met here for an honest inquiry on the effects of the technological interventions we humans deploy (many times stupidly) not only in the political, economic, or cultural layers of society… but also on our own biology.

The implications of the connections being proposed in this text are quite important, and nothing important in times of crisis can avoid being dangerous …but please note that is not “Morals” what this piece goes after (that is too much of a slippery fish to be grab by anything other than a divine pair of hands). Our mission here is more terrenal:

Just trying to point out a potential fact.

Hopefully, this is enough of a scent marking in favor of the pure spirit of Science… so let’s get to it.

Scent marking of a sociographical area that an animal consistently defends against conspecifics

How does abortion may increase male homosexuality ?

To render the link being revealed here, we need to understand 2 things, one is basic math... and the other is the fraternal birth order effect:

Fraternal Birth Order Effect

Fraternal birth order has been correlated with male sexual orientation, with a significant volume of research finding that the more older brothers a man has from the same mother, the greater the probability he will have a homosexual orientation.

Schematic illustration of how pregnant women might mount a progressive immune response to the male-linked protein NLGN4Y during the gestation of male, but not female, embryos (A). The accumulation of anti-NLGN4Y antibodies (B) would then increase the relative incidence of a gay orientation among subsequent sons ©. Note, however, that this mechanism potentially explains only a fraction of gay males, so other mechanisms must also be at work.

Ray Blanchard and Anthony Bogaert first identified the association in the 1990s and named it the fraternal birth order effect. Scientists have attributed the effect to a prenatal biological mechanism, since the association is only present in men with older biological brothers, and not present among men with older step-brothers and adoptive brothers. The mechanism is thought to be a maternal immune response to male fetuses, whereby antibodies neutralize male Y-proteins thought to play a role in sex-differentiation during development. This would leave regions of the brain associated with sexual orientation in the ‘female typical’ arrangement , or attracted to men.

Biochemical evidence for this hypothesis was identified in 2017, finding mothers with a gay son, particularly those with older brothers, had heightened levels of antibodies to the NLGN4Y Y-protein than mothers with heterosexual sons.[1][2]

The effect becomes stronger with each additional male pregnancy, with odds of the next son being gay increasing by 38–48%. This does not mean that all or most sons will be gay after several male pregnancies, but rather, the odds of having a gay son increase from approximately 2% for the first born son, to 3% for the second, 5% for the third and so on.[1][3] Two studies have estimated between 15% and 29% of gay men owe their sexual orientation to this effect, but noted that the number may be higher since prior miscarriages and terminations may have exposed their mothers to Y-linked antigens. It has generally been thought that this maternal response would not apply to first born gay sons and that they may owe their orientation to genes, prenatal hormones and other maternal immune responses which also influence brain development.[2] However, the 2017 lab study found that mothers with no sons had antibodies to male cells, which may be caused by common early miscarriages , and thus induce the effect for a first live born son.[4] A variety of evolutionary explanations for why the response persists have been offered by scientists.[5]

The few studies which have not observed a correlation between gay men and birth order have generally been criticized for methodological errors and sampling methods.[6] Ray Blanchard considers the effect to be “one of the most reliable epidemiological variables ever identified in the study of sexual orientation”,[7] and J. Michael Bailey has said that no plausible hypothesis other than a maternal immune response has been identified.[6] The effect is sometimes referred to as the older brother effect.

Much more insights about the Fraternal Birth Order Effect can be found in these published papers from where I have pulled some of these elements:


At this point, we should be able to draw the link between:

Abortion > Reproductive Strategies > Family Size > Birth Order Effect > Male Homosexuality.

The Proposition is the following:

Every time a pregnant woman aborts a male fetus she is accordingly increasing the next male fetus’ “Fraternal Birth Order Index” or “Predisposition to Homosexuality”.

So… half of the total performed abortions are indeed affecting the sexual predisposition of the male population.

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