America is the name of a whole Continent.

Ernesto Eduardo Dobarganes
7 min readMay 15, 2020


Reinterpreting the meaning of leadership, belonging and responsibility.


Let’s admit it: “America” is not “America” anymore; the beautiful, voluptuous and feminine name that (very egotistically cleverly) the inhabitants of the United States confiscated for their own exclusive use (at the expense of the other 772 millions of non-American-Americans) when referring to the piece of land comprised by the 50 states (let's be honest, Puerto Rico has never been a full participant of this party), do not carry the meaning of an idealistic beautiful dream of growth and prosperity anymore.

“It” (the American dream) has become more of an allegory to a State-of-Stupor, and even (on some of my unavoidable pessimistic reflections) its current qualities resemble more those of the pseudo-conscious convalescence lapses that separates one convulsion from another in a case of chronic ever-more-frequent epilepsy.

The Dream (Le Rêve) by Henri Rousseau (1910)

All this to the dismay of the rest of America (the Continent) and even most of the world, who in many cases, more or less publically… has aspired to manifest some of the best characteristics they perceived from what has been until now (and what we must ensure to do our best to help continue being) the best inspire-nation in the history of mankind.

There, out of duty and responsibility, is where the main realization and consequent national unifying-purpose can be born:

America is not just America,
America is not just a Continent,
America is the sentient aspiration
of the whole mankind
to overcome its own limitations.

Yes folks, you are here not acting only on your behalf, the WWII was won quite some time after dropping those terrible bombs; the world realized that it was good to be on following-mode way after “the job was done”.

American leadership has never been an immediate aftermath for any military run, it is the constructive capabilities of the warrior what inspire us all.


So… how should we interpret the current circumstances of disorienting disbelieve and disillusion in the present-day United States (of America) if not as an interiorized reflection of the perception the world has towards the ideal that America is supposed, expected (and even demanded) to represent ?

Yeah… the Ideal might be broke, but why ?

What has brought us here (to this United-State-of-Incoherence), if not an overextension of the features that made most of humanity fall in love with this exciting novel social proposal in first place ?

Isn’t it that Freedom became debauchery ?

Isn’t it that modern Capitalism and free market became a license for exploitation of human and natural resources and the very being of the own notion of a XXI century nation ?

Can a nation built in the notion of the generation of abundance push the brakes before wealth irreversibly becomes a symbol of inmoral opulence, and work is no longer a medium for social improvement and personal advancement and nothing more than a requirement for a mere and mediocre physical survival ?

How are we, for example, going to honor the social value of those who we consider of deserving not more, or barely more, than immoral minimum wages and on who society has to rely in times of existential-grade crisis ?

Are we reaching the limits of life expectancy for a societal organization that does not consider as “foundational and vital” the principle of the need for all of its integrants to equally access and benefit from the collective achievements of science and scientific understandings ?

Yes… I am implying it, you probably can’t indefinitely continue enjoying a prosperous country without having universal healthcare and education.

So… How can a different frame of interpretation change the course of History ?

Well, the benefit of interpreting reality from a framework of idealism is that it maximizes the allowance and possibility for improvement and change. Yes, things can be radically better, astronomically better in quite a literal sense if we are brave enough to face the challenges that mediate between a mediocre present and a bright future.

Americans have already adventured many times far into the unknown, with fantastic consequences . Here Apollo 15 astronaut Jim Irwin works in the Hadley-Apennine region of the moon during his mission in 1971

Even when society and culture are systems that manifest their own emergent spontaneous characteristics, goals and attractors can be created and design features be embedded into them that will themselves make a complex (and otherwise almost chaotic and unpredictable) system, organize itself towards greater levels of coordination required for the completion of such objectives.

The reverse-engineering of an idealistic future is an excellent protocol for achieving great results, if the Manhattan Project could arguably be not such an inspiring example, the Apollo program certainly is. Those 2 enterprises have crystallized trust and confidence in the capabilities of the American nation, but the devotion is fading, the blind-love is gone, it is time for the United States to prove themselves again, it is time to reconquer the respect of the world, once more, it is time for seducing humanity.

Yes, the definition of the quality of character, is in the interpretation of the nature of the challenge first, and in the consistency and appropriateness of the response later.

So… if the interpretation is that America is failing because the World is failing even more, that unavoidably means that in order for America to fix itself, it needs to fix the world; that the internal improvement will be a consequence of the external challenge. The Manhattan and Apollo enterprises, and even the very own Constitution of the United States, more than the mere conquest of nationally-oriented goals, were in fact, projects that were defining the future of the whole humankind, and the leaders and participants of those initiatives were quite aware of the fact that the world was going to be inevitably changed by the results (positive or not) of those unprecedented efforts.

If major, long-lasting internal improvements have been the result of the involvement in immense projects for the betterment of humanity, is not difficult to understand how the commitment to the advancement of the totality of the American continent is the perfect task in which the North-American economic, scientific, technologic, political and social engine can embark. Not only there is an existential need for displacing the antidemocratic and narcoterrorists forces in Latin America that directly threat the stability of the USA, but also there is an immediate need to dramatically expand the safe confines on which American entrepreneurship and ingenuity depends on to manifest its full potentiality. The limitation of the physical, financial and legal space occupied by the United States is asphyxiating not only the creativity and realizatorial potential of the autochthonous entrepreneurial forces, but also the induced migration caused by these highly stressing sociomaterial imbalances are exacerbating the incapacity for the rest of the world to fix itself:

America transmuted from a source of Inspiration, to a Cause for Exhaustion… it is time to revert all that !

Newsflash: America is not a country… but a whole Continent !

Step 3: ACTION

So… it should be quite clear that the United States of America excels with difficult challenges, the more difficult the task, the more substantial longer-lasting the rewards.

So why not extend the beautiful concept of America to that of our whole, magnificent piece of continental land ? Do we have to mention that our continent holds the biggest deposit of oil, and some of the best reserves of minerals, natural and human resources that any civilization could dream about ?

If many in the US are not happy because some actors are (arguably or not) taking home most of the pie, and the size of the pie is limited by the size of the bowl it can be baked on… then we need to increase the size bowl to grow everybody’s slices.

Never before America has had so many technologies that would allow the betterment of our geographical area, and never before the clamor of the locals for such involvement has been more evident and necessary.

Tesla’s all-electric Cybertruck and Cyberquad. Never before we had so many technological tools that could allow for the emancipation of the human race, never was America so able to transcend its own borders.

If the advancement of Intra-continental freedom and prosperity is the project than can bring America the sense of meaning and unified goals that is lacking, and the cohesion that is desperately needed, what would be the main action vectors ?

1- Anti-Communist & Anti-Dictatorial Democratization.

Latin America is being decimated and is facing existential risks caused by the expansion of the narcoterrorist activities organized by the international Castro-Chavist crime consortium. Even if most of the tactical actions take place in Venezuela and other adjacent territories, the headquarters and command center of this multi-continental operation are located in Havana… despite a resoluted disapproval of the vast majority of the Venezuelan and Cuban populations, that observe with incredulity how the USA has allowed such obscure forces to obstent most of the economic and political power in our magnificent and rich land.

The USA must respond to the will of the Latin American people and actively and decisively use the full capability of its military forces in the dismembering of the Castro-Chavist crime machine.

At this moment, a Naval Blockade of Cuba that would cut the Venezuelan supply of energetic carriers to the regime of Castro, would force the Cuban Dictatorship to:

  • Remove their intelligence forces from Venezuela
  • Allow the celebration of internationally-observed free elections

2- Educational, Humanitarian, Economic and Manufacturing potentiation.

The USA, with the collaboration of a democratic Cuba, could and should focus on potentiating the Educational, Humanitarian, Economic, Agricultural and Manufacturing capabilities of Latin America; this would inevitably result in a substantial increase in political stability, geopolitical leverage, moral leadership, social resilience and supply chain reliability and economic robustness for the USA.


Let that be the doctrine that drives our development for the next 50 years !

Thank you all.



Ernesto Eduardo Dobarganes

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