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Uneducated immigrant. Self-taught Polymath. Space Entrepreneur Wannabe. Science, Nature, Tech, Sports, Arts & Martial Arts enthusiast.

A Complexity Science read of a Biblical Story

Even when my contacts with the book called “The Bible” have been, at best, sporadic; and having barely listened to the people who more frequently and profoundly visit its stories and passages… it is clear than more than a compilation of rules, or story-telling, it is mostly, a treaty about Heuristics.

Many will probably quickly argue that there are indeed 10 clearly bullet-pointed Commandments… but these seem to be there just to make sure that the base of Maslow’s pyramid remains clear, so we don’t devolve back into violent techno-hominids in a…

…an insight into the Cuban Collective Trauma.

It is a very difficult task, if not an impossible one, to define with the optimal granularity for each specific case of analysis, the particular relevant components of the HyperObject that we call in our respective societies… “Collective Conscious ”.

So it is the purpose of this piece, to focus on a few key events protagonized by the American maritime service branch in the Cuban territory that have been deliberately and constantly broadcasted during the last 6 decades, year by year, in all the printed press and radio and tv stations by the…

Did Egyptians knew more than we think they did ?

This piece is really about a possible link between Cosmology & Egyptian iconography… and also about how cultural information spreads through time. But to add some objective value to an idea that might be both, completely wrong and useless, I will try to touch on the concepts of Propositional & Perspectival Knowledge and their relevance in the context of trying to extract as much precise information as possible from ancient imagery and past civilizations in general.

Maybe I could start by building the set of supporting notions around the idea…

Let’s look at planetary energy budgetary management.

The objective of this analysis is as much about the Global Thermodynamics implications behind the deployment of Nuclear Energy Generation, as much as it is about trying to avoid future faulty-thinking-patterns.

I might be wrong in both instances of the potential cognitive faults signified in this piece, but the exploration exercise and the potential implications are well worth the risks. Let’s see if I can sail this argument blowing the wisdom of a common Spanish saying that goes:

“ Man is the only animal that trips 2 times with the same stone ”

Capture & Transform Incoming Energy vs. Releasing Densely Stored Energy

…why Scientific Truth prevails Political Correctness.

Ideally, you are not scandalized and as an honest adult, we met here for an honest inquiry on the effects of the technological interventions we humans deploy (many times stupidly) not only in the political, economic, or cultural layers of society… but also on our own biology.

The implications of the connections being proposed in this text are quite important, and nothing important in times of crisis can avoid being dangerous …but please note that is not “Morals” what this piece goes after (that is too much of a slippery fish to be grab…

A tool for quantifying Societal Success.

Much has been said, and argued against only using GDP as a measure of the development, or successfulness of societies. This article explores the idea of a tool that could, more accurately, indicate the state of our common-well-being.

But there might be a couple concepts we might want to step on before, to architect the proposal over the understandings that Nature has already offered us at its “most basic” quantum levels, trying to also follow the path of Complexity and Emergence.

Super Conductivity

Superconductivity is a set of physical properties observed in certain materials…

Hacking Einstein’s speed limit.

Relativity is very clear:

Nothing with mass can reach the speed of light because it would require infinite energy to do so…

…but it is in the very concept of Relativity in itself where a an actual “shortcut” might be found.

I recently had the chance of asking Nana Geraldine Cabo Bizet a String Theorist friend that I haven’t meet in 15 years and her colleague about a concept I have been thinking about since the Gravitational Waves were measured in the LIGO experiment, and they both agreed that there would be a non-trivial effect of…

How viruses made us smarter.

First of all… it would be a sacrilegic oversimplification to locate the origin of a potentially infinitively complex phenomena such as Intelligence just in one point. Complexity Theory is there to support the notion that the argument being presented here as a factor for the development of intellect… is just one in many.

The developmental history of human intellect and culture surely must be one of multifactoriality.

From ecosystemic challenges that forced our ancestors to develop novel evolutionary strategies which in turn resulted in biophysiological changes, to sustained interaction with psychedelic and entheogenic substances… the developmental history of human intellect and culture surely must be one of multifactoriality.


Cuando los hombres equivocan.

Si hay algo que todas las propuestas en el mercado religioso comparten en su producto es una sola cosa: Solo dios es perfecto.

Es precisamente en la categoria de mortales,
y en la inevitable condición de imperfección que una vida limitada impone,
donde reside la grandeza del hombre…
de desarrollar la habilidad de sortear la infinitud de errores posibles,
desde más a menos probables,
y actuar en la vida
con valor pero sin desdeño,
con inteligencia pero sin arrogancia,
con sabiduría pero con humildad,
con justicia pero sin desafuero.

Alex Otaola ha errado y errará,
pero es…

The acceleration of acceleration towards increasing change.

The Colosseum Seen from the Southeast is a painting by Gaspar Van Wittel

In a recent conversation with John Verbaeke, Jordan Hall explains the concept of “ Paradigmatic Jerk ” which describes the increase in the acceleration of the occurrences of paradigmatic technological, cultural, social, political & economic changes in society and the relation of those with Joseph Tainter’s work.

I did an edit of Jordan’s very detailed explanation of this “Social Moore’s law” in which he also overlays it with generational and singularity theories.

For those who are interested in following content from these 2 bright thinkers… I will leave the full conversation and links to their youtube channels down below.


Ernesto Eduardo Dobarganes

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